Description and benefices of different body treatments: circulatory, skin, digestive, nervous, relaxing, renal, drainage
Masajes cervicales: para qué sirve este tipo de masajes, cuáles son los beneficios y cómo hacer correctamente un masaje en las cervicales (y evitar daños)
Anti-cellulite massages: How it works, types of anti-cellulite massages (massotherapy, lymphatic and hydrotherapeutic), and how are these massages
Tired legs massage. Benefits and contraindications. Types of devices that can be used. How to apply this type of therapy in a safe way
What is a body wrap, what types exist, how they are made and how they are applied on the body. Properties and benefits of this body treatment
What is Thai massage, origin, benefits, contraindications, types of Thai massage, difference with yoga and Balinese massage.
Discover Ayurvedic massage: what it is, how it is done, types of Ayurvedic massages, benefits and contraindications of this Indian ritual.
What is a decontracting massage, what benefits, symptoms, and sensations after decontracting, and what differences in relation to a relaxing massage
How a couple's massage works, benefits and what types of couple's massages are usually available: stone, erotic, shiatu and chocolate (chocolate therapy).
For whom are stone or geothermal massages, how is this technique performed and what are the benefits and contraindications for health and wellbeing?
What is the technique of chromotherapy or colour therapy. What are real (proven) benefits and what effects do different colors have on us
What is a relaxing massage, why does it relax, what are its benefits, what types are there, and are they recommended for pregnant women and children?
What is lymphatic drainage, how is it done with the hands, what is it for, what are the benefits of this body treatment (physiotherapeutic)?
Chocolate therapy: Discover the sweetest treatment for your skin. Benefits, types of treatments in spas and beauty and wellness centers.
Types of body massages: manual hand treatments (relaxing, therapeutic, sports, beauty, holistic, physiotherapeutic, physiotherapeutic) or mechanical.
What is aromatherapy and what are its benefits. What is an essential oil, what effects do they have and how do they act on our organism.